Celebrating the year of our Water Rights through, dance, music and art.

2015 Results

* Not all winners are posted, check back periodically.

Parade Winners

Category: Royalty

1st Place Wa:K  CeKsan Royalty
2nd Place:   Miss Pision Mo’o Royalty
3rd Place: St. Peter’s Royalty

Category: Marching Unit

1st Place Popko'La
2nd Place:   Thoka Team
3rd Place:  

Category:  Schools/Clubs

1st Place Oasis Elementary School
2nd Place:   Sherman Indian White Rose Singers
3rd Place: Road Runner Rock Band

Category:  Dance

1st Place Arizona Compass Prep Dance
2nd Place:   Basket Dancer Laveen
3rd Place: Blackwater Cheer Squad

Category:  Dept./Entity

1st Place Gila River Casino
2nd Place:   Gila River Fire Department
3rd Place: Gila River Telecommunication Inc.

Mul-Chu-Tha History

MCT was established in 1962, as a fundraising effort to build a swimming pool for the community. Members of the community participated in activities such as foot races, a wood chopping contest, a small carnival and a fashion show featuring clothing made by community members.